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September 26, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins

Halloween, Halloween, this is Halloween!!
Here's our pumpkins :) They are artificial pumpkins. Which happen to be much harder to carve but last for years. You can also do as I did and add a light candle instead of real ones so no worry of fires. Which is much safer if you have kids.


  1. Cool pumpkins!..Thanks for the comment on my blog..looks like I'm going to become a follower of yours.. I love trying out new recipes and your Italian Chicken recipe sounds so easy and yummy..a must try for me and my fiance..I'm going to browse your other recipes here in a bit..

    Hugs, Sheena

    ps I also have other spongebob cards on my blog they are in older post

  2. great looking pumpkins and a great idea for households with kids! Thanks for checking out my blog--I'm new to blogging and was very excited to find that I have a follower!!! lol!! I'll follow yours too! I love bloghopping when I have time--so much inspiration!

  3. These are AWESOME--you all did such a great job carving them--halloween is sooo fun isn't it??
    Im now a follower of your blog!