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September 19, 2010

Italian Chicken

Italian Chicken, The easiest and cheapest entree. It just happens to be Trevor's favorite. I have been making this since high school. I like to caramelize the sauce, makes it taste much better.

Italian Chicken

Italian dressing
Chicken breast
Garlic optional

Fry it up in a grill pan.
Caramelize sauce and serve.

Use leftovers for salads.


  1. Yeeeeah! I do this all the time - great for salads! :) I marinade mine overnight and then throw it on the grill.
    Although turns out my ignitor bit the dust, so this weekend I used newspaper and a match to light my grill. A few armhairs were casualties but grilling is so darn easy!

  2. wow makes me hungry. how the heck do you have time to have 2 blogs, lol. I just found you from your project you did for the MPS challenge. Great job on that blog.

    I love visiting other blogs for inspiration. I can see I will need to stop back often.
    Please stop over and say hi and follow my blog. I do monthly giveaways.



  3. Chris, I'll swing by and check out your blog!! I actually am only going to be doing this one blog two blogs is too much with 2 kids :P